Features of Society Security App

Visitor Management

Get real time call / SMS on visitors coming to your home.

Staff Attendance

Staff attendance management (Guards, Gardener, Cleaner etc.).

Visitor Log

You can view details of the recent visitors 

Service Providers

You can contact Servicemen (Electrician, Plumber, Milkman etc.) and their entry is also recorded.

Maid's Entry

The entry of Maid is recorded separately.

About Society Security App

Security is one of the top concerns for any society as safety of a resident is non negotiable. The traditional security set up requires maintenance of registers and rely on the good judgement of the security guards. Using Society Security App residents in societies are instantly notified of visitor’s detail by calling them. The information given by the visitor can also be verified. Steps are very simple and App is cost effective.



  • Relatively latest Android based smart phone with SIM Card (Data Plan and calling)

  • This mobile will be used by Watchman.

  • One Gmail ID for Society Manager to maintain residents data.

  • One Gmail ID or Phone Number for Watchman’s Android phone.

  • The overall structure of your society (like Number of buildings, floors per building, number of flats per floor and basic resident information)

  • Send above Gmail IDs and password (you can change later) to info@fairshare.tech

  • We will make complete set up from back end and then send steps to setup on watchman’s mobile. This will not take more than 2 minutes for anyone with basic experience in using Android smart phone.  

Get One Month Trial Free!!!

Steps to Avail One Month Free Trial


1. Register as a society manager using this link.

2. Login as a society manager using this link.

3. Create a society structure by providing number of buildings and the number of flats per floor (Web app will create a basic skeleton for your society).

4. Select “Manage Flats Data” from the dashboard.

5. Click on “Import residents”.

6. Select the building name from the drop-down.

7. Click on “Download Sample Resident Data Sheet”.

8. Fill the downloaded sheet and import it using the submit button.(Before submitting please make sure Building selected in drop-down and data filled in sheet is for same building).

9. Similarly use import Staff and import Maids to import their data.

10. Click on Devices

11. Create a device using “Add Device” (We will use this device information to set up Society Security Guards device)

12. You have successfully completed the society setup.

13. Install Society Security App+ on Security guards device.

14. Click on “Edit Credentials”.

15. Enter device credentials which we have created in step 11.

16. Congratulation you have successfully completed setup, now you can start using it.

Note: One-month Free trial will start from the date of registration.

What Our Customers are Saying


Society Security App is simple to use and very effective.


The best society security app for visitors management, staff attendance, maid’s entries and regular visitors. New feature for flat resident coming late night is very easy and hassle free.


The great alternative to manual work done in societies. Features like entries of visitors, contacts of the service providers. Another unique feature is visitor log where all the details of the visitors is present so that in case the vehicle of the visitor is not properly parked, watchman can call them and request them to park properly. So it will be convenient to everyone.The Society Security App is very useful and is easy to operate.


The Society Security App can be used on relatively latest Android based smart phone or Tabs

Please refer Prerequisites section for these details.

Yes, it will work. And whenever the connection is available it will sync the data.

Name of the society, Building names, Flat numbers, Phone number(s), Staff details, Maids information and service providers details.

Usually one day, after society provides required setup data.

Yes, the data is secure and no one other than society authority can see it.

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